March 15 2012/Austin, TX ‘Live4ever’s 2012 SXSW’

Who: James Grundler (vocals/guitar), Mark Boggio (guitar), Elias Reidy (bass), Fern Sanchez (drums)

Where: Los Angeles, CA

When: ND at 501 Studios, March 15th. 1:00pm sharp.

Why: After getting a whiff of the major label market as the frontman for The Din Pedals & Paloalto, Grundler has set his sights high again with the sweeping sounds of his latest incarnation Golden State. With a steady combination of clean guitar work and arena-ready anthems that hearken back to the polished political rock of ‘October’-era U2, the group managed to take their grassroots ambition to new heights with last year’s debut album ‘Division’.

Check out the full details and line-up of Live4ever Media’s Two Finger Salute II unofficial SXSW 2012 day party here.

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